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Sequim Gym, is a locally owned and operated fitness and wellness facility, conveniently located in downtown Sequim, Washington. Northwest Massage and Holistic Healing Center recently merged its business and is now operating as the Sequim Gym. Our Facility offers 24 hour access with unlimited class instruction and as part of our membership. We have qualified staff to teach classes, offer personal fitness instruction for fitness and pre and post- rehabilitation needs, treatment based massage therapy, and nutritional consultation. In addition, Sequim Gym offers free on-going health care seminars promoting health and wellness.

With its exposed wood beam high ceilings, AIR CONDITIONING and natural lighting, Sequim Gym is inviting and many people of all ages and abilities enjoy our facility. We have many specialized training programs outside of our offered classes and many community events throughout the year. Whether you're a retired senior, a student, a serious athlete, or someone who has never been a part of a wellness facility before, we believe in creating a safe, comfortable and friendly environment. We have the personal trainers, classes, and programs to help educate you about fitness.

Come join our community and be apart of the exciting experience. Build strong friendships and enjoy building better health and being apart of like minded members who are taking their health to the next level!

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Personal Training

Sequim Gym offers personal training for every level of fitness. Whether you have a specific injury, are looking for post rehab fitness after being discharged from physical therapy or other health care professional, or are just looking to get into better shape, our trainers are well equipped and educated to offer you a full service personal training experience.
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Massage Therapy

Looking for relaxation or injury specific treatment? Sequim Gym massage therapists are qualified in many different modalities to help you with pain management, post rehab or chronic pain issues.
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Sequim Gym offers several monthly special Events.
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We offer over several classes per week! Our classes are included in your monthly membership. Whether you are looking for beginner work out programs or more advanced higher intensity classes, Sequim Gym can meet your fitness goals.
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Our low monthly membership fees include unlimited classes. Weekly rates available!
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Stay in touch with the Sequim Gym and learn about all our exciting changes, updates and Events!